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I live in Tanzania where I serve as the executive director for Global Family Resue. I also push the limits of telecommuting by serving as the director of finance and operations for Esperanza Community Services in Chicago while traversing the Tanzanian bush.


A quick introduction to Esperanza and the work we do in Chicago     Advertisements

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Response to the Horn of Africa’s Food Crisis

The situation in the Horn of Africa has the potential to be the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation. The UN estimates that some 10 million people in the region are starving or on the brink of food insecurity due … Continue reading

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Excellent and creative presentation of the Gospel. Well worth watching

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Returning Home to Uganda

I’ve have spent the past three and a half years leading Global Family Rescue – first as the board chair, then most recently as the executive director.  Since last August, I have been living in Tanzania as GFR’s executive director, … Continue reading

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If You Want To End Poverty, Give Money To Poor People.

Conditional Cash Transfers. It is a simple concept: Give money to people in poverty when they meet certain criteria. We all get paid. We all provide some level of output that has society has placed a value upon and we … Continue reading

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Commitment to Weight Gain In 2011

Most people head into the New Year looking to lose weight. Not Fidea. She is 3 months old and weighs less than 8 pounds. This is a mere 60% of the target weight for her age. Delivered by our midwife … Continue reading

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When “One Purchase” Really Means $85 Worth of Products

Last week I posted comments on the Trade as One video promotion that made the following claim, “If every person who attended church in this country made just one fair trade purchase, one million families would be lifted out of poverty … Continue reading

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