I live an amazing life. I get to be the CEO of Esperanza Community Services and I get to spend my life with Vanessa. What more could I ask for?


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  1. Kahlee Shaff says:

    Dear David,

    I just read your post on Dave Ferguson’s blog/website.
    I think you had very insightful things to say about the harm TOMS Shoes may have in the counties where the shoes are being distributed. That is a very valid comment, observation, and possibly a fact.

    However, I would also like to point out, TOMS Shoes is doing a lot behind-the-scenes work in those countries as well. As you stated, they do have factories in “developing countries”. With factories in those countries, they are creating jobs and educating people.

    You also said, “…21 of the countries where the gifted shoes are delivered receive no economic benefit from the distribution of free shoes…” This fact is not correct, at least not in all 21 countries.

    There are also other things TOMS Shoes is doing in the countries where they distribute shoes; however, to expose those details would be breaking trust and confidentiality. For that information, you’ll have to ask Blake and his team.

    I appreciate, you look at the BIG PICTURE and understand, by simply giving things, whether it be shoes, clothing, or food, we can do greater harm than help. Sadly, this cause and effort happens quite frequently.

    Please know and trust, the owner has a good heart and is doing his best to do good rather than harm and continually reinforces his staff to do the same. He is educated and knows how simply giving can cripple a country. He looks into how his company can empower, educate, and better the lives of people who reside in the countries where they distribute shoes.

    I hope someday, you have the opportunity to spend time with the owner, who is passionate about helping and truly caring for other’s needs. Through the gifts and talents he was given, he has grown an apartment-sized shoe company into a company that is influencing young people to look outside themselves and companies to revise their business modes. TOMS Shoes is not just giving shoes to children.

    Thank you again for your post, in response to Dave’s posting of Blake’s NPR broadcast. Continue to help others.

    Kahlee Shaff

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