If You Want To End Poverty, Give Money To Poor People.

Conditional Cash Transfers.

It is a simple concept: Give money to people in poverty when they meet certain criteria.

We all get paid. We all provide some level of output that has society has placed a value upon and we are paid accordingly for this production. What if we applied those same concepts to people in poverty? What if we paid poor people for helping correct the social ills that crippling our world and have proven impossible to beat by conventional charitable avenues?

Extreme poverty, maternal mortality, malaria, and slavery can all be combated by paying poor people for contributing to the outcomes that we all value.

For people living in extreme poverty, the process is quite simple.

Take a class on how to expand your business or increase your agricultural output – you get paid. Send your daughter to school – you get paid.  Sleep under a treated bed net – you get paid.  Undergo prenatal care and deliver your baby in a licensed medical facility – you get paid.

It is happening. And it works.

The World Bank has been monitoring these programs, and has shown that these programs are increasing economic output, raising consumption levels among people in poverty, reducing child labor, creating greater use of healthcare and educational services, and are elevating the status of women. All of which are key to reaching development goals aimed at eradicating poverty.


About David Stupay

I live in Tanzania where I serve as the executive director for Global Family Resue. I also push the limits of telecommuting by serving as the director of finance and operations for Esperanza Community Services in Chicago while traversing the Tanzanian bush.
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3 Responses to If You Want To End Poverty, Give Money To Poor People.

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  3. Maria Longines says:

    Hi in the next couple of weeks, i will be debating on the following proposition: The solution to global poverty is for governments to give money to poor people. I don’t agree with this but i may have to if i am picked on the affirmitive team for the debate. Can someone give me some points and evidence on this? Thanks. i really appreciate it.

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